A Unique Experience ... in the Fynbos Kingdom of South Africa

This is us, the Cederbos Family

Our Family settled in the Cederberg in 2018 and took on the Big Challenge to manage an Organic Farm with ecological conservation and sustainable development as the pillars of our crops.

Our learning curve with Mother Nature has been colourful and eventful. With patience and determination our family learnt to respect, love and adapt to our environment and align our actions with purpose to the goals we had set for the land.



Meet your Farmer, Tea Master, & Recipe Maker


Corné van der Westhuizen was born in the Sandveld region of South Africa from a lineage of rooibos producers, youngest son of the first organic certified rooibos farmer in South Africa, Frans van der Westhuizen (Klipfontein Farm).

After traveling the world, Corné settled in the Cederberg with his own little multi-cultural family, on a beautiful undeveloped  farm at the foot of the majestic Cederberg mountains.

The first few years of working on (or with) the Krieberg Farm have been tough but fulfilling. Much went into setting up the right space for the new organically produced and harvested crops, getting the right equipment, finding a good reliable and passionate team to work with, and planning for the future to ensure a sustainable biodynamic agricultural development for our beautiful land.

After a few years, the Cederbos Rooibos Creations are finding their space on the shelves of renown health and boutique tea stores around the world. 

Our Mission and Pride are to supply high quality, single-origin and organic rooibos, packed in 100% plastic-free, eco-friendly and safe packaging material.

Our teas are single origin, meaning produced only from our own family-owned farms in the majestic Cederberg mountains, in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

We do not use synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs on our beautiful Organic Farm.

We manage every step from the fields to the tea bag.

Our string and tagged tea bags are biodegradable and unbleached, and heat-sealed with eco-friendly plant-based adhesive (PLA).


The tea bags are individually wrapped in plastic-free envelopes, to ensure freshness and avoid any possible contamination overtime.

We welcome you to come and visit our space,

see the crops which are used to make your teas, listen to our story and make your own,

on this beautiful Krieberg Farm of the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa.

After a few years we decided to build a place where nature-lovers and families needing to escape the city and find peace and quiet could come to.


With a very limited capital base we started building our campsites, inspired by elements found in our environment (rock walls, earthy ochre colours) and using our hands and logical minds to make this work.


The key concept was to find a safe space, with a slower rhythm, with nature and limited amounts of people around. We also wanted to welcome the people who fell in love with Cederbos creations to come and visit the farm, walk in the fields and see where it all came from.

We are looking forward to welcoming you here soon!


The Unique Story of a Family-owned company promoting sustainable farming of rooibos & buchu in the Cederberg Mountains....

Cederbos Herbal Blends are created by the van der Westhuizen family, on their Organic Farm in the Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape in South Africa.

Cederbos Teas are Single Origin and organically produced, following the guidance of Nature.

Our Wellness Blends recipes are prepared for you, with the highest quality herbs and plants from our land.